Solicitors often request us to provide drug diversions for clients that don’t meet the criteria for QIDDI, (QLD Illicit Drug Diversion Initiative) program.

These people have been caught with either prescription drugs, (without a prescription) and QIDDI is only setup for illicit drugs, or their criminal history makes them ineligible. Our Drug Diversion covers both legal and illicit drugs.

We provide a private 2 hour brief intervention session, similar to the diversions delivered through QIDDI, that covers all of the necessary psycho-social education to help a client think through their substance use and move forward.

This service is provided under our ‘CLINICAL SERVICES’ through our qualified drug & alcohol counsellor that has over 23 years of industry experience and over 5 years of experience delivering the QLD Government QIDDI program.

The topics addressed through the session which will require up to 2 hours, include:

  • Understanding the underlying issues behind addictions
  • The Cycle of Addiction.
  • The Stages of Change.
  • The Grief Cycle & Anger / Hatred.
  • Conclusion – weighing up the costs vs the benefits

A certificate of attendance from Dual Diagnosis Clinical Services will be provided for your client to use for court evidence of attendance.

People are welcome to contact us on mobile: 0408 332 765 or use the Contact Us webpage. The cost is $135 (incl. GST) and payment methods are outlined on the Contact Us webpage.