Training in Dual Diagnosis, (also known as Comorbidity), is conducted in the areas of subtance abuse and concurrent mental health issues.

2 Day Workshop - Advanced Drug & Alcohol Training & Mental Health

This Comorbidity training workshop covers all the key knowledge required to conduct a brief intervention for clients presenting with drug & alcohol issues as well as mental health problems (ie: Dual Diagnosis). Key knowledge components include:

§  Pharmacology of drugs (drugs & their effects)

§  The Cycle of Addiction

§  The Stages of Change

§  The Grief Cycle & Anger / Hatred 

§  Holistic Intervention and the public health model, (based on the Ottawa Charter; incorporating bio-psycho-social-spiritual dynamics)

§  Understanding the underlying emotional & psychological issues behind addictions

§  Understanding the neurophysiology, neuroplasticity / psychology of addictions and human development

§  Psychopharmacology

§  The Cycle of Addiction

§  The Stages of Change

§  The Grief Cycle & Anger / Hatred

§  Delivering a Brief Intervention

Day 2

§  How to work with treatment resistant clients; including precontemplators

§  Using the trauma model to help people move forward

§  Working with people with mental health issues (particularly personality disorders)

§  Motivational interviewing; theory and practice.


Chemically Speaking 
is a Brief Intervention drug & alcohol video that explains the cycle of addiction, the stages of change and the grief cycle that often predisposes people to use chemicals as a way of coping with these underlying issues.

This video can be viewed on Youtube

And can be downloaded from my Google Drive

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