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George Patriki provides both LIVE and ONLINE training & professional development for the health care, welfare and social service industries on the Gold Coast, throughout Australia and to 116 countries in the world. Cost of Dual Diagnosis Training is reduced from $390 (ex GST) to $195 (ex GST) at 50% off = $214.50 (with GST).

Live webinars are also available for organisations for up to 25 people. Email us for enquires.

Discounts available to online group bookings of 10 or more. To register and pay for the LIVE or ONLINE training, please click here.

Services Include:
Advanced Drug & Alcohol Training and Workshops in Substance Abuse and Mental Health. This training is also tax deductible as a work related expense and enables people to maintain professional development and upskilling.

To obtain a certificate of attendance and also qualify for 12 points (ONLINE) or up to 15 points (Live) of CPD (Continuing Professional Development) for their professional peak body (APS, ACA, AASW, CPA, PACFA, ACWA etc), you must complete the full 2 days of intensive training, either live or online.

This live and online training meets all of the criteria for evidence base, best practice and is available for Continuing Professional Development Points by with 

Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) as well as these peak bodies;

This advanced training covers all of the current evidence based, best practice in the Alcohol & Other Drugs (AOD) and Mental Health from an integrated, holistic framework (see diagram below and in downloadable brochure).

Online Training

10 minute overview of the Dual Diagnosis Training

NEW: Substance Abuse & Mental Health Interventions S.A.M.H.I. Dual Diagnosis Training (Advanced, 12 Hour, Self Paced) available ONLINE.

Hi, thank you for your interest in our ONLINE, Self Paced, 12 hour S.A.M.H.I. Substance Abuse and Mental Health (Dual Diagnosis) Training program.
This course costs more on the learning platform, however people may receive a discount from us by using our token to purchase the course for only $195 (ex GST) for a limited time. $390 (ex GST) to $195 (ex GST) at 50% off = $214.50 (with GST)

To register and pay for the LIVE or ONLINE training, please click here then choose “Dual Diagnosis Training” $195 (ex GST) = $214.50 (with GST) from drop down menu.

In June 2018, S.A.M.H.I. launched its 6 module, Self Paced, 12 hour Dual Diagnosis Training. This training will equip workers to be able to deliver brief and early interventions to people struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues, as well as advanced psychotherapeutic skills. This is the same as the comprehensive 2 day advanced training that is being delivered live across Australia and online in 116 countries as explained on our website;


This online Dual Diagnosis Training on the learning online learning platform provides lifetime login to the training. The reason why S.A.M.H.I has gone online is to expand the coverage of the highly acclaimed, comprehensive live 2 day advanced Dual Diagnosis Training designed and presented by George Patriki. George and many of his staff continue to deliver the live training under the banner of Dual Diagnosis (www.dualdiagnosistraining.com.au) in conjunction with the online adapted S.A.M.H.I course. We have very specifically and deliberately made this course very affordable at $195 (ex GST). This is half price. Join with us to address the alarming substance abuse and the co-morbid mental health issues that are rising in our communities across Australia and overseas.

Module 1. Drugs & Effects

  • Cycle of Addiction
  • Alcohol
  • Drink & Drug Driving
  • Tobacco
  • Cannabis
  • Stimulants (Speed, Ice, Ecstasy, Cocaine)
  • Inhalants (volatile substances)

Module 2. Addictions & Mental Health

  • Dual Diagnosis
  • Integrative Holistic Model
  • Needs & Underlying Issues that drive addictions

Module 3. Harm Minimisation & Optimal Health

  • Pharmacotherapies
  • Orthomolecular Science, Functional Medicine & Optimal Health

Module 4. Neuropharmacology & Neurophysiology (Brain Works)

  • Neuroplasticity
  • Neurotransmitters
  • Psychosis vs Dissociation
  • Psychospirituality

Module 5. Trauma model & Keys to Treatment

  • Guilt vs Shame
  • Dealing with ambivalence

Module 6. Brief & Early Intervention and Tripod of Support

  • Stages of Change
  • Costs vs Benefits – doing a brief intervention

Private Recovery & Healing Retreat for substance abuse is available at: Gold Coast Addiction & Treatment Rehab goldcoastaddictionandtreatmentrehab.com

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