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Hello George, I am posting you the evaluation forms from your session on 4 May. As you will see everyone loved it and you were the star of the training program! I am even inspired to bring the Nov training forward a week so you can still be the last session in the program…Thank you for your excellent session and for sharing your personal experiences. It was greatly appreciated by all of us. Regards Mary

Mary – Principal Training Officer
Youth Justice Training Unit. Dept of Communities

George was informative, approachable, friendly and confident in his knowledge. He presented the topic in an interesting way and allowed enough flexibility for our staff members to ask questions when needed.

Shaan – Dpt of Corrective Services (Southern)

Hi George… I am glad for you that you are moving to QLD but say it is going to be our loss. Thanks for everything you have done for us, the staff at Greensborough still talk about you and the presentation you gave and have without exception said that they have never had drugs explained so well and understandable…

Nancie – Senior Corrections Officer
Greensborough Community Correctional Services

To Whom It May Concern


Mr George Patriki has been hired by the Department of Communities to deliver training to our front-line Youth Justice staff about “Working with Alcohol and Drug-Affected Clients”.

To date George has delivered seven programs for the department during 2007, of either one or two days in duration. Each program has been evaluated using the following criteria: relevance; practical use of information; logical presentation, easy to follow; good at conveying knowledge; culturally respectful; and usefulness of supporting material.

Participants were asked to rate George on a five-point scale and every participant in all seven programs responded with a rating of 5 (“Strongly Agree”) or 4 (“Agree”) for all of the above criteria. This indicates that George’s training delivery and overall presentation style is very effective and his training performance is very consistent.

George relates well to every participant and has the ability to convey his knowledge and skill in a way that maximises learning for participants. Some of the feedback provided about George’s training as per evaluation forms is:

“Another good session by George. I have previously attended George’s one-day course and found that the second day extended and built on my previous knowledge”

“George’s presentation of motivational interviewing with students was particularly insightful”

“Thanks for a fantastic course. Very informative without over-powering participants with too much jargon”

· “Very well presented, easy to follow and understand. Practical exercises. Quite enjoyed it. Very professional and compassionate about your job.”

From a training management perspective, George has been very pleasant to work with and I would not hesitate to recommend him to any training manager in government, community or private sectors.

I am happy to be contacted on 0401 887 377 to support the above claims.

Yours sincerely

Tony – Manager
Youth Justice Training Unit. Dept of Communities


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